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Mussels with bruschetta 7 Our cheeses are from a local farmer who uses geothermal energy for his production
Seafood Antipasto of La Meridiana 14
Flan of pecorino with pears stewed in Morellino di Scansano 7
Antipasto of the House
Salami, raw ham , bruschetta with speck and pecorino cheese, bruschetta with tomatoes, pecorino cheese with honey
Artichoke tart in Picadilly sauce with herbs from Siena 6
Bruschetta trio – three kinds of bruschetta 6
Basil Pappardelle in creme of cod 10  
Chocolate Tagliatelle with squid ragù 10
Risotto Fratacchione (onion, red wine, sausage)
Cooking time of 25 minutes
Pici pasta where you can choose your sauce from the following:
Garlic, Pesto from Siena, Cheese and pepper
Squash ravioli in orange cream sauce 8
Crepe from Siena (white meat sauce/bechamel) 8
Icelandic salted Cod cooked Livornese-style 16 The Icelandic salted cod “Baccalá” is a dish based on old traditions, when salted cod was one of the main export products of Iceland. It is now one of very few cod fisheries that are sustainable and therefore they can keep the tradition on to supply superior quality fish to the world
Jumbo shrimp flambé with ratatouille of seasonal vegetables 16
Tagliata with herbs from Siena and speck on a bed of lettuce 15
Saffron Chicken with mashed potatoes 12
Rabbit in “Carciofaia” style (artichoke) 15
Pork filet with leek sauce
Ask your server for vegetarian and gluten-free options
Chocolate cake on Zabaione cream 6 The chocolate cake is a secret recipe from our chef, Maria Giovanna
Tiramisù 5
Pine-nut Tart from Siena with kiwi sauce 5
Almond biscotti dipped in wine 5


Il Coperto/Service fee 2 EUR


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