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Antipasto de la casa -variety of local meat, bruschettas and pecorino and bree cheese with honey  15  
Bruschetta trio – three kinds of bruschetta 8
Caprese salat – mozzarella, tomatoes and fresh basil 8
Ruccola salat with glazed pears, chopped walnuts and brie cheese 8
Pappardelle with mushrooms and cream  11  
Pici pasta with pesto 12
Pici pasta with cheese and pepper  12
Ravioli filled with ricotta cheese and spinach with pesto  10
Ravioli filled with ricotta cheese and spinach with butter and sage sauce  10
Icelandic Cod La Meridiana style with a creamy nutty paste on top 20 The Icelandic salted cod “Baccalá” is a dish based on old traditions, when salted cod was one of the main export products of Iceland. It is now one of very few cod fisheries that are sustainable and therefore they can keep the tradition on to supply superior quality fish to the world
Icelandic cod in tomatoe, garlic and olive sauce 19
Grilled chicken breast with glazed honey and roasted vegetables 16
Tenderloin with a creamy mushroom sauce, roasted vegetables and salat 25
Rucola salat with roast beef, caramelized pecans and yogurt, mint garlic sauce  17
Tiramisú  5  
Pistachio ice cream  6
Ice cream meringue  6
Cheese cake with caramel sauce  5


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Our menu rotates regularly